I joined the key client of PMC

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I joined the the key client of the prestigious UK speaker brand PMC. >> LINK Jun Inoue uses >> PMC BB5 XBD-A

Junnosuke Taguchi’s ‘Dimensions’ Released

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Junnosuke Taguchi’s ‘Dimensions’ was produced by Jun Inoue, which was later released by Universal Music.


‘JAZZY BEAT RECORDS’ and ‘TOKYO TUNES’ Label Integration Announcement.

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As of June 1st, ‘JAZZY BEAT RECORDS’ and ‘TOKYO TUNES’ has merged and started a new record label called ‘TOKYO TUNES’. We further hope to strengthen the brand of ‘TOKYO TUNES’ through this integration, making it the core of the label business and increasing the synergistic effect of the management business.

田口 淳之介「Connect」発売

Junnosuke Taguchi's ‘Connect' Released

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Junnosuke Taguchi’s ‘Connect’ was produced by Jun Inoue, which was later released by Universal Music. The memorable major debut song has a theme of “connecting” with one another. The music video anticipates the upcoming Tokyo Olympic in 2020 with the appearance of professional skateboarders and surfers.


Produced ‘Brass Band Disney! 2’

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Jun Inoue and Gyo Kitagawa produced Disney's second official brass band album, 'Brass Band Disney! 2'. It will be released on March 22nd. The top 3 Japanese high school brass bands took part of this project, recording with energetic youth sounds. The album is cherished with memories of students playing together as their graduation nears.

Junnosuke Taguchi Appears in the Kobe Collection.

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On March 4th, Junnosuke Taguchi walked the first runway as a model at the Docomo stage of the Kobe Collection.


Junnosuke Taguchi Major Debut Confirmed.

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Junnoskue Taguchi has signed a 2 year exclusive artist contract with Universal Music.


Produced ‘抱きしめたい’ by Jang Kuen-suk.

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Jun Keun-suk's '抱きしめたい’, produced by Jun Inoue, was released by EMI RECORDS. The rock ballad single was directed by Tomokazu Miura. Yukihide YT Takiyama was featured as the guitarist. Jun Inoue and Gin Kitagawa flew to Seoul to record the vocals while Yukihide YT Takiyama recorded his guitar in Los Angeles. The mix down was held at JI Studio in Tokyo. The world-wide production suits the diverse image of Jun Keun-suk.

Silky Voice「Stand By Me (feat. Mankato Isogai)」

Silky Voice ‘Stand By Me (feat. Isogai Manato)’ Released.

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Jun Inoue's solo project, Silky Voice's 7th single 'Stand By Me (feat. Isogai Manato)' was released by Jazzy Beat Records. Isogai Manato who performs street lives in Shibuya was featured as the vocalist. The single focuses on Japanese dance pop music where the electronic sounds has been mixed and balanced with Isogai Manato's soothing vocals.

田口 淳之介「HERO」

Junosuke Taguchi ‘HERO’ Released.

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‘HERO' was produced by Jun Inoue and Junnosuke Taguchi. It was later released by Immortal Records. With Junnosuke Taguchi’s strong ambitions, he was able to release his first solo project to commemorate his career as an independent artist. Not only did he write and compose the songs but he also worked on the cover of his EP. TO THE NEXT LEVEL, will make you feel the new steps of Junnosuke Taguchi, connecting the hearts of many people while shining a bright future ahead of him.

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